Thursday, June 26, 2008

Update on Online Courses On Raising Children in Orisha, Afrikan Spirituality and Gynocentricity

Today will mark the official beginning of my online correspondence courses on Raising Children in Orisha, Afrikan Spirituality and Gynocentricity...
Those who have ordered a course will receive their first lessons via email today...
For those who did not order a course...each online lesson is $10 and there are up to 8 lessons per course
Each lesson may be purchased individually by clicking on the order an online course button to the left of my blog

Also here are short descriptions of each course for those who are interested...
Raising Children In Orisha
This course will offer information and support for parents or parents to be who want to integrate ancient spiritual practices into the lives of their children...the course will not be limited to information on the Orisha but will cover Earth based cultural practices from other areas in Afrika and the Caribbean as well as North and South America
How does raising children in Orisha differ from mainstream parenting?
How can I "ritualize" my birth experience? (whether at home or in the hospital)
How can I include my child in rituals? (newborn to young adult)
Bringing ancient ways into the modern world
A year and a day, when one parent leaves the home (divorce/separation)
Can they and should they still go to church with grandma?
What about holidays?
Afrikan centered/Orisha based Home Schooling/Unschooling ( a rudimentary curriculum that can be used whether your child is in public school or home schooled)
Afrikan Spirituality
This is a course in Afrikan spirituality and worldview. The objective of the class is to offer an understanding of this ancient way to those who are interesting in practicing it as a way of life or studying it or even adding it to their own current practice.
Who are the Orisha/Vodun/Loa?
What is the nature of Ancient Afrikan Supreme Being?
Affects of the Maafa (slave trade) on Afrikan Spirituality
Role of Women in Afrikan Spirituality
Family in Afrikan Spirituality
Sacred Orature: Sacred Oral Texts of West Afrika
Power of the Spoken Word, Incantations
Western Adaptions of West Afrikan practices
This course will discuss the Matriarchies and what life looks like when the womb is the focal point of all daily interactions. Instructions on creating a womb centered focus in your own life will be given. Examples of how womb centered-ness looks in the ancient and modern world.
GYNOCENTRICITY what it is and what it is not(2 sessions)
The Matriarchy: A Brief Historical Overview(2 sessions)
Praise the Mother: Goddess Veneration: Historical Overview(2 sessions)
Modern Matrifocal Societies and How they Operate
How we intergrate Gynocentricity into our own lives

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