Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 5 of a Ten Day Summer Solstice Fast

Speaking to my close sistah friend yesterday I was reminded of how fasting opens your eyes, increases your spiritual power and brings clarity on how to fulfill your destiny, fasting also reminds you of what destiny you chose when you bowed before Olodumare before being re-born into the physical realm...
I feel happy, free, light, airy...sweet
And I am reminded of how SO MUCH of who and what we believe ourselves to be is actually what we consume as opposed to what we actually ARE
Meaning...we are what we eat, what we drink, the music we listen to, the television shows we watch...we are the movies we view, the conversations we participate in, the decorations in our homes and offices, the friends we surround ourselves with, the people we make love to
All of these things...are things we consume
As I watch the world...not just now that I am fasting but most of the time...I see people who are tangled up in trying very hard to be and do things that are not them
I see people who believe that violence and hurt and conflict are the norm
People who think that to live in a place where there is happiness and peace is a pipe dream
People who have bought into the doctrine that they are inherently wicked...they are spiritually flawed and morally corrupt from birth
People who believe that they have a propensity towards being mean, and hateful, and harmful towards themselves, towards others, towards the EarthMother, towards Life itself, towards existence
It is not true
As a mother...I know the tiny innocent creatures full of love for life...full of hope for others...full of a zeal for living and a deep spiritual connection with everyone and everything around them that we ALL ARE
I know that this is the truth of Who and What we all ARE
It is no deeper than that
It is no less than that either

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