Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life: Practical Magick

Woe unto those who discourage the magick of others by insisting that life must be practical..you know the ones I mean...as soon as you mention a dream, a goal, a desire to them...they offer you a million and one reasons that it will not work OR they saddle you with ten thousand steps that you must take in order to make that dream a reality...these kinda folx are rarely even recognized as negative and as a matter of fact they may be known as givers of good advice...while all the time people are putting their dreams on the shelf and their goals in the rafters due to the "well meaning advice " of those who lift up the blood stained banner of PRACTICALITY...look at the lives of those from whom you seek advice, are they living the life you want to lead? or do they seem to be in a perpetual rut? are they full of positivity and gratitude for life's blessings? or do they spend most of their time berating others? Seek advice from those who are achieving things that you would like to achieve, NOT from those who lives are like stagnant pools of scum filled water...dream crushers, dream stealers, dream non-believers cannot show you how to live your dreams! They can only drain you of your energy, your enthusiasm and your positivity, like the vampires that they are...keep a heavy strand of Unlimited Belief in your Unlimited Potential around your neck as garlic to ward them off...where you put your energy is where you will see results, in all things...once you have put your energy towards a thing, The Entire Universe shifts to assist you in accomplishing that goal...all you have to do is continue to work towards it and be patient with Life...but KNOW that it will manifest...that is Magick...simple, pure and real...because in reality Life Itself Is Magick

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Odunmole said...

this was beautiful..my ph wakes me up with an alarm that says "don't forget your dreams" thanks to my lil bro...

Sangoleke B.