Saturday, March 8, 2008

To Be A Black Woman IS To Be A Witch...Lemme Explain

I fell into an unexpected vat of Witch Bashing yesterday

I was at the salt mines slaving away as usual, you know making bricks without straw for the white supremacist power structure

When I received a summons from my sistren there to join a prayer circle
I hastened unto the call
Cause I was singlehandedly raised by a Black mama and I KNOW that a Black woman's prayers can fill a cupboard, put clothes on your back, shoes on your feet , gas in your tank, food on your table, and a roof over your head
Whenever you have the opportunity to pray with a group of Black women or be prayed for by a Black woman seize it, you will be exceedingly blessed
I hastened unto the call
We were airing out some of the obstacles we are facing when someone mentioned that a particularly ill tempered white woman in the front office is a witch
My initial thought was DAYUM , she makin us ALLLL look bad
BUT then I stood up and touched and agreed with the sistren in the room and we spoke of how we have prayed to ask the rain to stop falling and watched it happen
How we have prayed and sold a house in a matter of days
How we have looked into a bank account with a negative balance and prayed and looked again and had money
How we have prayed ourselves out of abusive relationships
and into loving ones
and on and on and on

And I saw again confirmation of the fact that To Be a Black Woman IS to be a the purest since of the term

Our words have power...all by themselves...we are born with what our Ancestors called Ofo Ashe-The Power of the Spoken Word

We create the reality around us by our words

Most of us were raised using herbal and home remedies and therefore have a least a rudimentary knowledge of these methods of healing....we do things like take cod liver oil for a cold, place turrenpentine under our beds to break a fever, and use a lil whiskey and some honey and lemon for a cough

We lay on hands...your mother and your grandmother would rub whatever it was that hurt and it would feel better...if you were really hurt, they would rub and sing or rub and pray and speed healing energy to that area

We are the Original Witches...the power of womanhood that is a force to be reckoned with

A Black woman just being herself is being what most whitefolx would consider a witch

It is no coincidence, no accident that the first witch killed in the Salem witch trials was Tituba, a sistren of Afrikan and Taino descent from Barbados

To fully BE a black woman IS to be a witch


creatrix said...

*hums in full agreement* mmmm hmmmm...

Akua said...

Would you please share some rituals you do for the new moon and full moon?

Maati Ausara-t said...

interesting.....As I tap more and more into my intuition I'm either being told by my granny or I see things in my dreams that speak to the spirit of my ancestors....great grandmother (granny Liz) and my great great grandmother (mother) in particular. Things like how mother only washed her hair four times a year and she only used may rain water when she did it...and finding frank and myrrh amongst granny liz's things when we cleaned out her house after she transitioned.
The mystery sometimes feels so special to me that I could just cry tears of joy...the ancestral wisdom and majik that is all around us!